Our Staff

Our staff are caring, committed, well qualified and experienced. HealthHub has a staff team of 10 professionals including GPs, physical and mental health nurses and a social prescriber. 


Clinical lead- Dr Maggie Kirk

Dr Maggie Kirk has worked for over 20 years as a GP with a special interest in homelessness and addictions. Since 2003 she has enjoyed being part of a surgery in Boscombe, in an area of high deprivation. Seeing how hard it is for people to engage with traditional health services whilst homeless, has led to Dr Kirk launching the HealthBus in 2016. She has subsequently pioneered the development of hospital homeless care teams in Bournemouth and Poole. The team have encouraged a hub and spoke style approach to care with multiple public, private and third sector teams united by their desire to see an end to health inequalities. Dr Kirk’s vision of accessible and appropriate healthcare for people experiencing homelessness has been recognised as a transferable model with the potential to improve care for other marginalised groups.

GP – Dr Sarah Williams

Dr Sarah Williams has been a GP since 2016 in Ringwood as a salaried GP. With a particular interest in mental health, Sarah will be out and about in the mobile clinic seeing patients in different locations around Bournemouth. She is eager to address the health inequalities often faced by people experiencing street homelessness, or living in temporary accommodation.

GP – Dr Luke Turley

After completing junior doctor jobs in Poole Hospital in 2007, Dr Luke embarked on an unusual GP career, leaving regular NHS practice and instead choosing to work with marginalised sectors of society such as prisoners, asylum seekers and victims of torture, both in the U.K. and the developing world. He spends much of his time working in isolated and remote parts of the world, from running an emergency department in the Outer Hebrides to teaching life support in villages in Sierra Leone.

GP – Dr Nicola McAllister

Nicky is a local GP in Poole with a passion for reducing health inequalities and improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations. She is involved in education for GPs and GP Trainees.

GP – Dr Mohammad Tamimi

We are training practice with Bournemouth University and the Wessex deanery offering GP Trainee placements. With over 5 years of experience in Hospital Medicine, Dr Tamimi took on a ‘Health Equity’ clinical fellowship being piloted by his training organisation in the region. The fellowship will pave the way for many more GP trainees to join our team in the future. Dr Tamimi believes in empowering his patients and allowing individuals living with chronic illness to regain control of their lives and wellbeing. During his free time, he takes the opportunity to provide patient education sessions at the YMCA.


The HealthHub have a team of nurses with specialist homeless healthcare experience.

They are fully trained in a wide range of skills including immunisations, health promotion, contraception, and management of long-term conditions, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, asthma, diabetes, COPD, smoking cessation, malnutrition, advice on diet and lifestyle choices. As well as providing general nursing, dressings, removal of sutures and blood tests. The team also have a mental health nurse who works alongside the wider team.

Engagement & Enhancement Outreach Nurse – Chrissie Croucher

Chrissie has over 30 years of experience in nursing working in hospitals and community-based settings with those battling addictions and homelessness. Chrissie’s experience has allowed her to work with multiple services across BCP allowing her to bring healthcare to those in need professionally. As the Engagement and Enhancement Outreach Nurse, Chrissie is passionate about caring for marginalised individuals, breaking down some barriers that stop people from accessing healthcare. Alongside her clinical responsibilities, Chrissie also leads the outreach work to bring support to those who need it most.

Practice Outreach Nurse – Carole Lucas

Carole has worked for the NHS for over 35 years starting out in a local private hospital and then moving on to learning disabilities secure unit with severely challenging behaviour as a healthcare assistant. Carole has 20 years of experience in hospital emergency departments where she qualified as a nurse and then as a Sister. Whilst working in the hospital her passion for the most vulnerable in society grew which enabled her to become the homeless lead in the emergency department. Now she is developing her healthcare passion and undertaking her journey as a Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner in a local GP surgery and currently studying at university. Carole is committed in seeing those who are experiencing homelessness over come barriers of healthcare and addictions.

Mental Health Nurse

We have a Specialist Mental Health Nurse working alongside the clinical team. The mental health nurse takes on internal referrals from the team. She works with people on the homeless pathway who have mental health needs but who are not generally engaged with mainstream mental health services.

Mental Health Nurse – Rachel Meaden

Rachel has worked as a Mental Health Nurse for the past 9 years, specialising in addiction and homelessness. Rachel is passionate and committed to raising awareness and working with some of the specific mental health needs of people experiencing homelessness. She believes that these needs are often unable to be met through mainstream mental health services and can often be a complex contributor to the homelessness cycle.

Practice Manager & Admin Staff

The HealthHub Practice Manager manages all aspects of the charity and its service, such as making sure that the right systems and people are in place at the right time. Striving to provide high-quality, patient care, human resources, patient safety, clinical delivery and resources. The Practice Manager supports the admin team, GPs and other medical professionals to deliver patient services that enhance patient experience and care.

Admin and reception staff attend to patients in person and on the phone. They coordinate and organise appointments and help facilitate the smooth running of HealthBus clinical delivery and patient care.

Practice Manager – Kate Hibbitt

Kate Hibbitt is Operations Director & CQC Registered Manager for HealthBus Trust and Practice Manager for HealthHub. She brings a wealth of experience and skills to her role at the HealthBus, having previously worked in both charitable and commercial sectors. Kate is passionate about providing accessible, high-quality, patient-centred healthcare for people experiencing homelessness. Using an innovative approach, she has focused on clinical delivery and strategic management through strong partnerships with multidisciplinary teams and non-statutory organisations. Over the past five years, she has grown the organisation from small beginnings to a strong and respected charity within the local community. The HealthBus is now gaining national interest and recognition with its unique service delivery alongside securing CQC registration. For Kate, reducing health inequalities, removing barriers and advocating for those with little voice drives her ambitions for the HealthBus Trust and the patients it seeks to serve.

Admin & Business Coordinator – Bels Wathen

Bels helps small businesses grow and specialises in people’s development, company culture and enhancing company values. Her career began in finance, enabling her to travel and work in large corporates with a diverse population. This experience helped her to build training programmes for global companies, whilst working for an interpersonal skills company. She has been a board member for over 15 years and is an energetic facilitator, meeting challenges with humour, enthusiasm, and compassion. Her mission is to leave the planet slightly better than when she arrived. Bels believes in equality, security and opportunity for all.

Social Prescriber Link Worker

We have a social prescriber link worker working alongside the clinical team. Doctors and nurses are really important to help us manage the medical aspects of health, but the role of the social prescriber is vital to help patients manage the emotional and practical impact of day-to-day life.

Our social prescriber supports patients by providing person centred care, helping patients feel more confident and signposting them to connect with the wider community, offering support, friendship, health and well-being.

Social Prescriber Link Worker – Sam Freeman

Sam has a wealth of experience in mental health and worked for BCHA for seven years as a mental health worker alongside supporting victims of human trafficking. Her experience includes working for the local authority and also the prison service. Sam is committed to seeing people overcome personal barriers to meet their full potential.