Patient Participation Group

Welcome to the Patient Participation Group (PPG). 

The Patient Participation Group is a group of patients, carers and staff who meet regularly to discuss the HealthHub service, new innovations and patient experience to support and shape future services. 

The PPG offers an opportunity for those with lived experience to make a positive contribution to the charity and wider community.  Meetings take place every three months. 

PPG Purpose 

  • To give patients, staff and volunteers, the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest in their service. 
  • To encourage health education within the service. 
  • To develop a pathway that will meet the needs of fellow patients such as befriending, help with addiction, mental health and housing support. 
  • To act as a representative group that can be called upon to influence local provision of health and social care. 

Benefits of PPG

Good for patients

  • Patients will be more responsible for their own health.
  • Patients will have a better understanding and knowledge of the service and HealthBus team.
  • Patients will be consulted about primary care before key decisions are made.
  • Patients will benefit from improved communication between patients and HealthBus, staff and volunteers.
  • Patients will have a forum to suggest positive ideas and voiced concerns.

Good for the Clinical Team

  • The clinical team will be able to plan services jointly with patients to improve access, remove barriers and improve services.
  • Potential issues will be identified so that the HealthBus team can address.
  • The group will help patients with non-medical issues, such as loneliness and improve self-worth and confidence.
  • The group will be able to get help from patients in meeting targets and objectives. 
  • HealthBus staff and volunteers will have a forum to voice concerns, ideas and suggestions to patients.
  • To get closer to the community for whom they care.

Good for the Community

  • Patients and carers will have an organisation through which they can help other patients in need.
  • Patients will have knowledge of the service, will know what is required to improve healthcare and make sure the patient view is always represented.
  • As patients will have an opportunity for open dialogue with health professionals about the service, leading to greater accountability of the HealthBus trustees, staff and volunteers.
  • Patients have other opportunities to become involved in other community initiatives, such as Grounded (allotment engagement), volunteering (through CAN) and bespoke events such as the Big Clothes Giveaway.

If you want to discover more

Please contact [email protected]